Our Founding Principle


Imagine a world with ZERO POSSIBILITY of freight being given back by a carrier. That is Grizz Logistics. Grizz makes a commitment every time we accept a shipment. We are going to move that shipment for you no matter what. WE DO NOT GIVE FREIGHT BACK.


Your 3PL Specialists


Since opening our doors for business, Grizz Logistics has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s largely because of our concerted effort to always do what is right.

When we tell our customers that we can move a shipment for them, we deliver every time. Giving a shipment back to a customer is not allowed at Grizz Logistics.

We believe in strong communication and being truthful. With Grizz you won't get the usual run around and phone/email dodging that other brokerage offer.

As a customer of Grizz Logistics you will always have a single point of contact through the entire shipping process. This main point of contact is a trained expert on all aspects of domestic transportation.

Being proactive is a major part of Grizz Logistics. We value our customers and drivers and work to alleviate any concerns or issues before they come up.

Let us help make your life easier.